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Congratulations to Dan Krisanski and the team out at Chinchilla for winning the April/May QGC Goal Zero Hero award for risk normalisation and taking preventative measures.

Our Surveyors & Survey Assistants are required to place timber stakes into the ground, setting out works for the construction of well access tracks and well pads. This process involves holding onto the stake and hammering it into the ground. While this seems like a relatively easy task, there is a significant risk of sustaining a hand injury. While we have had no hand/finger injuries sustained by DSQ personnel, there have been some close calls. With the dedication of Dan and our team, we established a process and developed a simple piece of equipment. This equipment allows the user to remove their hands from the line of fire while hammering in stakes, eliminating the risk of injury to hands and fingers.

Mark Howman from QGC wrote “Eliminating a risk that could just have been seen as normalised, is a great demonstration of DSQ’s commitment to improving safety and driving continuous improvement. Thank you, Daniel, and the rest of the DSQ team for this focus”.

Our attitude to safety continues to make a significant difference in QGC’s journey to being Goal Zero. Keep up the great work team!

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