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Working in a role in a remote location has its many challenges, there are many lifestyle factors that can affect all aspects of our work and home life.

One of our crew members has been going above and beyond to ensure that he is fit for work.

This is just one of the reasons why Peter Osborn has been given this month’s Safety Award.

Peter’s journey began when he reflected on his lifestyle choices a few months back. He has now embraced nutrition and exercise and you will now see a more energetic, optimistic man. If there’s someone in our crew you can notice change in, it’s Peter. It’s often easy for a lot of us to just go about our lives not thinking about our daily habits, which in turn, can affect our physical health, mental attitude and overall wellbeing. Peter’s actions have motivated many of our crew to start taking a similar approach (if they hadn’t already).

Well done Peter, for starting the journey and for motivating others.

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