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DSQ’s HSSE had the opportunity to visit the Shell-QGC warehouse in Chinchilla and it certainly was impressive!

This was made possible from a collaborative aspect that is off and running throughout the organisation, a universal quest that is being undertaken, applying an Assist and Assure culture by Shell-QGC.  

Assist & Assure is a term used daily with Shell-QGC – but what is it?

Assist & Assure provides all workers with a set of skills to build a universal language aimed at engaging and ensuring all correct planning is undertaken and controls are in place before you start work. The process is simple but effective!

Someone outside asked us about this process and the best way our HSSE could describe this to them was: “It’s like a football team, you’re all on the same side with the same cause, in this case – to be safe.”

This visit would not have been possible without the help from Shell-QGC’s A&A coach, Mr Ross Clark.

At any given day Ross is out on site visiting either one of Shell-QGC’s sites or a Contractor’s site looking at the processes that are in place that underpin the A&A way. When you talk to Ross, you soon see that he is dedicated and passionate about the job. He believes that with collaboration and working together as one, you produce a winning team – now that’s a pretty good formula!

The warehouse has a great layout with thousands of different line items that are required out in the field, they hold anything from a basic screw to more complex items required for the Central Processing Plants or Field Compression Stations.

When you visit a warehouse like this, the bigger picture starts to sink in. While we make and build everything to do with gas production, it’s the infrastructure behind the scenes which ensures assets are maintained and function effectively. In talking with a couple of the key crew members in the warehouse, you realise that these guys are on top of their game. They are essential in so many different parts of the operation.

You can notice when a company’s Senior Management embraces the Assist & Assure culture because it’s producing winning teams!

“Well done to the crew at Shell-QGC Upstream Warehouse in Chinchilla.”

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