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Kevin McNabb is one of our Senior and most experienced Surveyors. Back in March before heading out to the field the crews had completed all the normal preparation and the standard checks prior to departure. However, once out in the field things can change without much notice so you need to be on your guard at all times.

Kevin needed to draw on his great wealth of knowledge, experience and qualifications on this particular day, as the situation needed someone to be calm under pressure and be capable of taking all information into account. With Kevin recently completing a course as an On Scene Controller, it helped give him the skills to be confident in assessing all information and making a sound decision, in which he executed by applying his skills in intervention and stopping the job!  Kevin saved someone from getting seriously injured, even a potential fatality would have been possible if the wrong choice had been made.

At DSQ we have an outstanding record with no lost time injuries. For us to achieve this, all our crew are trained in all areas of safety. We have confidence that when our team go out into the field to undertake work, they will be going home at the end of the day.

Thanks Kev, a job well done.